You’re on the right track! This is an element of the argument— but what kind of element is this?

Argument 2

One tough decision that state and national park administrators face is “Should dogs be allowed in these public spaces?” Responsible pet owners should definitely be permitted to bring their dogs to state and national parks.

Walking in a park is good exercise for dogs and their owners. Dogs need a place to run in order to stay fit and healthy. Many city homes do not have enough space for this. Also, the growing obesity rate in the United States certainly indicates that dog owners need the exercise.

In addition, dogs learn to interact appropriately with people and other dogs by being around them. Public parks provide a good opportunity and environment for this important training.

Finally, dog owners are tax payers, too. Their tax dollars contribute to the construction and maintenance of state and national parks.

If dogs are banned in state and national parks, next, children under the age of 5 will not be permitted, and then children under the age of 16, and then you’ll have to be 21 to enter a public park.

People who don’t want to allow dogs in public parks are not real Americans.