1. In paragraph four the ________ suggests happiness and joy.

a. metaphor

b. author’s diction

c. irony

2. The addition of the dog Milord in paragraph 6 is a detail that—

a. suggests their poverty.

b. shows that everyone in the family is happy Volodya is home.

c. suggests irony.

3. In paragraph 3 the author’s use of the words “their Volodya”—

a. shows how overpossessive the family is.

b. suggests a tone of happiness that someone in the family has returned.

c. suggests a tone of caution and concern about what will happen now that he is home.

4. In paragraph 5, the dialogue containing the questions suggests that the author—

a. wants to make it seem like the father is excited.

b. wants to make the father seem like he doesn’t really know what’s going on in the family.

c. wants to make the father seem like he’s not very intelligent.

5. In paragraph 3, the author uses—

a. similes.

b. irony.

c. imagery to contrast the cold outside with the warmth of the family.

6. In paragraph 4, the author's choice of verbs suggest—

a. violence.

b. happy chaos.

c. sadness.

All complete. Great job!

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