Which set of attributes is associated with academic writing?

A letting the structure show, having a clear plan, and supporting a thesis

B getting ideas as you write, discovering relationships while composing, and arriving at a conclusion you didn’t foresee

C surprising a reader with a fresh approach, giving the reader’s imagination room to work, being sure the reader is not bored


Which one of these sentences lets the structure show?

A Steamship travel is a thing of the past.

B Many people wish that travel by rail would return.

D There are three aspects of car travel that people will never give up.


Which of the following is an extended topic sentence?

A A reason to support the return of rail travel is that it is much more environmentally friendly than either cars or planes.

B Cars and planes are both more environmentally harmful than trains.

C Trains are better because they are less polluting.


What is the role of repetition in academic writing?

A Repetition is an insult to a reader; avoid it.

C It’s better to repeat if it makes what you are saying more clear.

D Repetition is sometimes unavoidable, but it is never welcome.


What is the usual position for the most important point?

A first

B last

C somewhere in the middle where it will be a surprise


All complete. Great job!

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