The explorers soon found themselves in an alien environment, a foreign and strange place when compared to their beloved homeland.

A Cramped

B Unknown

C Dark


The warriors were hostile when the settlers approached their village. With fierce expressions on their faces, the warriors drew their weapons. The settlers were afraid to go any farther.

A Aggressive

B Friendly

C Energetic


Many scientists attempt to be objective. That is, they only report what is factual and real.

A Prejudiced

B Smart

C Neutral


When my mother received her new credit card, the rules were explicit, or plainly stated. She would have to pay for any merchandise or services she bought with the card.

A Clear

B Misleading

C Unfair


The new student showed atrocious manners, as opposed to the young man who was polite to the teacher.

A Horrible

B Faultless

C Confusing

Both women stood trial, but one was found guilty and sent to prison while the other was acquitted.

A Afraid

B Cleared

C Blamed

Alex was making so little money selling magazines that he decided to search for more lucrative employment.

A Interesting

B Amusing

C Well-paid


Even though our soccer team had lost ten games in a row, we admired them because their losses did not deter them from playing every game to the best of their ability.

A Discourage

B Inspire

C Excite


She coveted the gold medal so much that she went all the way to Europe in search of the right trainer.

A Demanded

B Wanted

C Admired


Because he had so many car wrecks, the highway patrol threatened to revoke his driver’s license.

A Renew

B Cancel

C Remove


All complete. Great job!

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