In this lesson, you will learn how to calculate the wavelength, frequency, and energy of light using Planck's constant and the speed of light.

First, let’s review some information about electromagnetic waves. The image below shows the parts of a wave.   The peaks or crests are at the highest points of the wave.  The troughs are the lowest points of the wave.  The wavelength is the distance between two corresponding points on adjacent waves.

Source: Parts of a wave, Scioly

Video segment. Assistance may be required. Watch the following two videos about the different types of electromagnetic radiation.

Source:  sparkleystitch, The electromagnetic spectrum, YouTube

Source:  Pizzaguy719, Putting the Electromagnetic Spectrum to Use,  YouTube

You may want to review some of the vocabulary, facts, and properties of waves. 

This activity might not be viewable on your mobile device. Interactive exercise. Assistance may be required. Here is a game of Teacher Invaders to help you out. 

Use your mouse or track pad to position your weapon and click to fire at the invaders.  The teachers will try and distract you with questions about electromagnetic waves.  If you don’t answer them correctly, you will lose a “life.”  (To answer the question, click in the blank and type your answer.  Or you can spell out the word(s) by clicking on the letters on the screen.)

Use the following list for your word bank in the game. (You must spell correctly to get a correct answer.)

electromagnetic spectrum
visible light
velocity of light