Video segment. Assistance may be required. Watch the video below about alpha, beta, and gamma radiation. Pay close attention to how alpha, beta, and gamma radiation is affected by a magnetic field and how the radiation can be stopped.

Source: Alpha, beta, and gamma radiation demonstrated, AtomicTRG, You Tube

Click on the blanks in the table below to see the missing information about alpha, beta, and gamma radiation.

Type of radiation Alpha particle Beta particle Gamma ray
Symbol α or 4 2 He or 4 2 α β or  0 -1 β or  0 -1 e γ or 0 0 γ
Mass __________

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0 0
Charge +2 __________


Speed __________

Fast __________

Penetrating Power Low Medium High
Stopped by Piece of paper __________


Source: Alpha beta gamma radiation penetration, Ehamberg, Wikimedia commons

The image above shows how alpha particle can be blocked by paper. The beta particle can be blocked by aluminum. To block gamma radiation, a thick dense substance such as lead must be used.