"Life developed in and relies on water" (Dr. Grainne Moran, http://www.chem.unsw.edu.au/highschool/files/water.pdf).

You have seen these images in previous sections of the lesson. They show some of the ways that biological systems rely on water.

Image is of a water bottle and a glass of water
Image is of a beach and ocean
 Image shows whales and ice floating on water

Many processes that happen all around us (and even inside us!) are due to the unique properties of water at the molecular level. We may not be able to see hydrogen bonding or polar bonds with our eyes, but we can see the effects of these forces in our everyday lives.

Video segment. Assistance may be required. Listen closely, as you watch the video, for connections between the properties of water and effects we see in our everyday lives.

Source: Water Movie, eschadt88, YouTube

Interactive exercise. Assistance may be required. Complete the card sort below and determine which property of water is responsible for each example.