Adapted from: transverse, Mr. Clintberg's Studyphysics!

In the previous section, you looked at how longitudinal waves, particularly sound waves, are used in medicine, research, and industry. You may remember the image above from a previous lesson in the module about transverse waves.

Doctors and medical researchers use transverse waves and their properties in many different ways. In this section, you will look at a few of the uses of different types of transverse waves in medicine. Remember that all of the waves on the electromagnetic spectrum are transverse waves and these waves have multiple uses in medicine. You will look at electromagnetic spectrum waves in particular.

Image is of the electromagnetic spectrum

electromagnetic spectrum, NASA, Wikimedia Commons

In the activity below, you will learn about the different uses of the transverse waves of the electromagnetic spectrum in medicine. Respond to the following in your notes.

Medical Applications Activity- Waves of the Electromagnetic Spectrum

Interactive exercise. Assistance may be required. Click on each image and/or video to find out more about how each type of wave is used in medicine.

Sources for images and videos used in this section, as they appear, from top to bottom: