In this section we are going to take a closer look at theories.

The information that scientists "know" to be "true" is actually based on the accepted scientific theories that have the greatest support. In this section, you will learn about a few of the theories that are currently a part of the scientific community. You may have heard some controversy surrounding some of the scientific theories found in the links below. Investigate each of the links below, and then select two different theories that you would like to investigate further.

After you select your two theories from the list below, answer the following questions based on the articles you read. Record your answers in your notes.

  1. How does this theory relate to the information you have learned during this lesson about the characteristics of scientific theories?
  2. How do scientific hypotheses help support this theory?
  3. What current investigations do you know about that are related to this theory?
  4. You may have heard that some of the theories you investigated were controversial. How do the characteristics of scientific theories relate to the controversy?

Read more about the Big Bang Theory at the following link: The Big Bang

Read more about Atomic Theory at the following link: Dalton's Atomic Theory

Read more about the Cell Theory at the following link: Cell Theory

Read more about the Plate Tectonic Theory at the following link: Plate Tectonics