1. Light travels at a speed of 18,000,000 km/minute. Venus is 6.0 light minutes away from the sun. Calculate how many miles Venus is from the sun.
  2. Check Your Answer 18,000,000 km/minute * 6.0 minutes = 108,000,000 km Close Pop Up
  3. Light travels 9.46 trillion (94,600,000,000) kilometers a year. The North Star is 40,772,600,000,000 kilometers away. How many light years is that?
  4. Check Your Answer 40,772,600,000,000 km ÷ 94,600,000,000 km/year = 431 light years Close Pop Up
  5. You are on an imaginary planet that is 141.9 trillion kilometers away from Earth. You are looking through a very high-powered telescope, and you witness a child's fifth birthday party. How old is that child on Earth at the time you are watching the child's fifth birthday party? (Hint: Calculate the number of light years this planet is from Earth.)
  6. Check Your Answer 141.9 trillion km ÷ 9.46 trillion km/year = 15 light years + 5 years old = 20 years old Close Pop Up