Throughout this lesson, you have learned about the political rights associated with the democratic process. There are also civic responsibilities or civic duties, which are expected of American citizens, as well. In the democratic process, all citizens are expected to participate in the community. There are several ways that citizens can participate.

Image of a document with a gavel resting on top of it Image of an attorney presenting evidence to a jury Image of a collage of tax related items Image of a ballot box with a ballot in the slot
Obey the Law
Laws protect the good of the people. Citizens are expected to obey the laws or face the consequences of his or her actions.
Jury Duty
From time to time, citizens are called upon to participate as jurors in court cases.
Paying Taxes
Taxes are collected to help support the government. All citizens are expected to pay taxes so that everyone pays his or her fair share in supporting the government.
Citizens are given the right to vote. The responsibility is to do just that, vote.

Lesson Summary

The democratic process involves citizens actively participating in the decision-making process in the government. In the United States, voting for elected officials is one of various methods by which citizens can participate in the democratic process. Historically, individuals and groups have struggled to gain political power through the democratic process. Once political power is gained, citizens have a responsibility to participate and exercise his or her rights.